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What Gifts to Get a Nail Tech

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Buying gifts for any person can be quite challenging sometimes. You don’t want to buy something they already have or something they won’t use. I always scour the internet searching for new ideas, for something new and exciting that the person hasn’t seen before.  To make your search for the perfect give to give your nail technician friend easier, I have compiled a list of items, that I feel would be ideal for a nail technician. Some are even perfect for the working woman who seems to have everything.

Facial Tools 3 in 1 Gift Set


This is the purrfect gift set for all cat lovers. It’s not only cute but a great addition to your skincare products. I love this set because of the cute cat theme. As a cat mom, nothing is cuter than tiny cat mittens. A facial cleansing brush, a facial scrubber, a hot/cold dual facial massager inside along with a special $100 gift voucher for Melodysusie is included in this gift box. 

Makeup brush cleaners


This set of makeup brush cleaners are not only cute but practical. They are tiny and compact so can easily fit in your purse when traveling. They also have an opening at the back so that you can keep a grip on the cleaner with your fingers while cleaning your brushes. This is a must-have for anyone who loves to do makeup.

Wireless Bluetooth earphones


I know that I cannot get through my day without listening to some music. This cute purple wireless Bluetooth earphone set is perfect for anyone who loves music and doesn’t want cords getting in the way. It comes in a stylish metallic purple case that doubles as a charging dock. The earphones have 4.5 hours of playtime and up to 140 hours of standby time.

14 Pcs Professional Makeup Brush Set


This 14-piece professional makeup brush set is the perfect gift. It has a beautiful rose gold handle and soft bristles and includes every brush you’ll need to create the perfect makeup look. It comes with a travel container which ensures no brush will ever go unaccounted for and it also keeps their bristles from getting damaged.

Head massager

Not much can beat a relaxing head massage after a long and stressful day. This massager can be used wet or dry so it is great for use in the shower when washing your hair. Massaging your scalp also promotes hair growth.

REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush


Who has time to style their hair in the morning? I love rocking a messy bun especially when I’m running late. This Hairdryer and volumizer brush not only dries your hair but styles it in the same go. Not only saving time but leaving you looking fabulous.

nail tech cosmetology apron


A cosmetology apron is a great thing to have for any nail technician, seeing that it prevents any excess dust and products from getting on your clothes. It is also a great way to display your brand and your nail salon’s logo. This type of aprons is so cute as they have little illustrations on the front, fitting the theme of a nail tech. It has an adjustable neck tie and three pockets that a nail tech can use to store tools while working, on, for instance, a pedicure.

etched glass


This glass is the perfect gift for any nail tech. It has a quality etched illustration that will last forever. It is also dishwasher safe! This will make a great addition to any nail tech’s glass collection.

Decorative nail sign


Every nail salon needs a few decorative pieces. This wooden piece is beautiful, sturdy, and colorful. It can either be mounted on the wall or can sit freely on a shelf. It can also be used as a cute backdrop for taking nail photos.

Nail art set


Every nail technician needs a nail art kit. This is perfect as this kit contains a set of must-have nail art brushes, as well as five dotting tools, varying in size. Not only that but it comes with a convenient travel bag.  

There are 20 pieces in the pouch: 2 Flat Fan Brushes; 1 Angled Head Brush; 1 Pattern Brush; 2 Liner Brushes; 3 Flat Brushes; 3 Oblique Brushes; 1 Dotting Pen Brush; 1 Drawing Brush; 1 Petal Brush; and 5 Dotting Pens.

Dotting pens are made with environment-friendly acrylic materials that are water-resistant and durable. 

Roll Up Pouch with Magnetic closure. It also contains a free nail art E-book that teaches you tips and tricks for doing nail art.

Professional nail care kit


As a nail tech, I can honestly say that the state of my nails isn’t always as it should be. I worry so much about everyone else’s nails that I rarely find time to properly care for my own. With this set, your nail tech friend will be able to properly care for her nails and do a fast manicure in the go, as this case is easily storable and includes everything you’ll need to do a proper manicure.

This set contains tools for your face, nails, and toenails, so it’s 3-in-1. The tools are 100% stainless steel and made to be high quality and durable. 

The travel case is made from synthetic leather, it comes in three different colors and two different designs.

Hand pillow and manicure table mat


Having a hand pillow for your clients will allow them to have a much more enjoyable experience, as it supports their hands while a set is being done. The manicure mat is a beautiful backdrop to take pictures of after the set has been completed. It also protects your table from excess dust and any product spills. 

Stainless steel wine tumbler


This tumbler is perfect. Not only does it come in multiple beautiful colors and designs, but it has many valuable qualities to consider. It is insulated with a double-walled structure. It can keep drinks cool for up to 9 hours, and keep drinks warm for more than 3 hours.

You can easily travel with it as it’s easy to carry around and is travel-friendly. It is made out of high-quality stainless steel and is also lightweight. It is durable and comes with a straw-frinedly lid.

Fruit infuser water bottle


This is an amazing gift for any busy, working woman. It has a large capacity and the infuser basket is the full length of the bottle. It also comes with a sweat-proof insulative cover that prevents condensation and keeps your water tasting fresh for longer.

It is made out of sturdy BPA-free and eco-friendly Eastman Tritan. It is safe to be reused regularly. It is securely sealed by a metal ring latch on the flip-top opening. This ensures that it will be 100% leakproof.

It also includes a free started guidebook with delicious infuser recipes to try. You can easily store it in a backpack. It can be handled securely thanks to conveniently placed grips on both sides of the bottle.

nail tech keychain


This keychain is a simple yet special gift to show your nail tech friend just how much they mean to you. It is made out of stainless steel. It’s also nickel-free and hypoallergenic.

finely crafted glass teacup


This is a very unique gift that will make any women feel special and thought of. It’s an enamel mug that is handcrafted with hand-painted flowers. It is durable and can contain hot and cold drinks. It is a unique gift that emphasised the creativity of a nail tech’s work.

Aromatherapy Candles


Nothing can create a relaxing environment like some candles. The aromatherapy candles come in 4 different scents and beautiful tin containers. They’re made out of soy wax and have lead-free cotton wicks.

essential oil diffuser


Essential oil diffusers have become increasingly more popular in modern days. It’s a great addition to have in any nail salon. This set includes popular scents that will create the perfect environment for your clients. It will also help with the overpowering smell of nail products. It also purifies the air and creates a calming work environment. This specific diffuser comes in 4 different designs and has 4 different timing settings. It also has an auto shut-off function.

device charging station


Having a convenient charging station is a must-have for any person on the go. Seeing that nail a technician can do everything from making and booking appointments, placing orders, and messaging clients on our phones, it needs to be fully charged the entire day. When you get busy it is easy to forget to charge your device. This is perfect for your salon as it not only accommodates your device but has enough space for your client’s devices as well.

Himalayan salt lamp


Having a Himalayan salt lamp is very aesthetically pleasing in any home or work setting. it’s made from salt crystals from the Himalayan Mountains. It creates a beautiful glow when lit and is said to purify the air around it. The base of the lamp is 100% natural Neem wood which is naturally antibacterial.

Heated neck and back massager


Any nail technician will agree with me when I say that working in this field your neck and back can take a lot of strain. Seeing that most of us can’t generally afford to make weekly spa appointments, we have to make another plan. 

This is a must-buy if you have a nail technician friend. It relieves sore muscles with its rotating nodes and the heat function. This model is compact and pillow-like so it can be placed perfectly onto your sore neck and shoulders. It does, however, need to be plugged in, to work.

Weighted blanket


A weighted blanket is amazing for stress relief after a long day at work. This is something else to consider for sore muscles as it increases relaxation. Your muscles will be able to relax and recover. It’s easy to wash and is made out of 100% cotton.

Portable neck and back massage pillow


A portable neck massager that you can take wherever you go. It comes with a convenient travel bag and a car adapter. It’s amazing for nail technicians as it can be used in between clients and won’t get it the way when you need it, seeing that you can hang it around your neck and continue with your tasks. It has 4 different settings, heat options, and rotating nodes.

Jade face roller


Nothing screams skincare quite like a handcrafted real jade roller. Gift this to your hardworking friend as a chilled jade roller on a tired face will work miracles. Not only will it soothe your skin, but it can be used with face cream, which will allow it to be absorbed easier. It has many benefits for your skin and is a must-have for any woman.

glass planter desktop terrarium


Plants aren’t only great for purifying the air but are also very aesthetically pleasing. This desktop planter has a beautiful wooden design, with bulb-shaped planters. It is the perfect terrarium planter for any workspace or your home.

temperature-controlled smart mug


Say goodbye to cold coffee! This chargeable mug is great for the working person. I despise it when I am so busy working that my coffee gets cold. This model has a longer-lasting battery so your coffee will be kept warm for up to 1.5 hours on a single charge! You can choose the perfect temperature you want that suits your preference.  You can also control it with your smartphone and select the temperature, select presets, etc. The mug also goes into auto-sleep mode when it needs to be turned off and turned back on when needed. It’s also completely safe to hand wash.

Foot rest


Take some pressure off your hips and feet while doing nails or working at your desk. This is perfect for stress relief and relaxation while working. It’s created out of memory foam and can be used in several different ways.

glass nail file


This beautiful glass nail file is the perfect gift for any nail technician. It’s not as harsh as regular nail files and much gentler on your nails. It’s something to carry with you in your bag!

nail polish wall display rack


This is an absolute dream come true for a nail technician. Beautiful, sturdy storage for your nail polish collection. This is perfect for stylishly displaying your colors.

Nail polish holder


It is almost physically painful to spill your gel polish. This is an amazing way to prevent spills. You will also be able to paint your nails more easily as you won’t have to hold the bottle when dipping the brush in between strokes.

bath bomb set


Bath bombs are a sure win for any gift. 12 handcrafted bath bombs that will increase relaxation during bath time and leave your skin feeling smooth and your muscles relaxed.

glass water bottle with tea infuser


This glass tea infuser is unique. with beautiful geometric designs and a glass finish, this makes for a great gift! It comes with a removable tea strainer and infuser basket. The glass is insulated and strong. No use of plastic! It is also BPA and lead-free.

Ceramic tea infuser cup


A beautiful ceramic tea infuser with a stainless steel interior is perfect for the working woman.

Fancy journal


Spoil someone with this stylish handmade notebook with thick ivory paper which prevents ink bleeding. Whether it’s used as a planner, client logbook, or personal journal, this will make someone very happy!

Essential oil necklace


A natural perfume by using essential oils. This stylish necklace is the best way to combine style and natural scents. It comes with 4 essential oils as well as multi-colored scent pads.

Face mask


A pure dead sea mud mask is perfect after a long day at work. It cleanses the skin and causes a soothing sensation. It also reduces pores and works great with any skin type. This will make the best gift for someone who needs a bit of pampering. Seeing that we as nail technicians work with dust and many other particles, our skin can become quite oily and our pores can become clogged. This is therefore a great gift to give a nail technician.

Himalayan scrub


What pamper day is complete without a good body scrub? This Himalayan salt scrub has many amazing ingredients which are great for the skin. It detoxifies and hydrates the skin.



In this day and age, everything is at the tips of our fingers. We can contact clients, make bookings, order products, and everything in between by just using our smartphones. A stylus is a great gift for anyone immersed in the working world.

Selfie ring light


Taking pictures of nails is one of the biggest parts of advertising when you’re a nail technician. Using a small selfie ring light will create the perfect lighting for the best picture. Using a flash only lowers the quality of photos so this is a definite must-buy!

Large crystal nail prop


A very popular photo prop that is circulating in the nail community is a large diamond-shaped crystal. This will allow for beautiful nail pictures and will be appreciated as a gift by many nail technicians.

face sheet masks


A sheet face mask after a long day is sometimes all we need to relax and reflect on the day that has passed. Gifting someone this set of 12 face masks is a sure win!

rhinestone picker with replacement wax heads


Rhinestones are something I think every nail technician uses. There is nothing quite as frustrating as trying to pick up and maneuver rhinestones without the proper tools. This set includes a rhinestone picker with replaceable wax heads as well as a shape tool that allows you to be able to easily move rhinestones around on the nail without ruining the design.

Back support pillow


As mentioned before, working as a nail technician can be murder on your back. This back support pillow is a great gift for nail techs as it supports the back while working.

standing arm rest


This armrest is a sure win, as it lifts the client’s hands and therefore limits stress on a nail tech’s neck.

Melodysusie gift card

If all else fails, a gift card is a great option. This gift card can be redeemed at Melodysusie.com which has a variety of goodies any nail technician will love.

iRobot Roomba


A bigger gift on the more pricey side, but believe me the best gift for any nail technician, or actually, any woman overall. Doing nails causes a lot of loose dust and things like pieces of acrylic and cut nails to be dropped to the floor. Having an active vacuum cleaning as you work, is a dream come true!

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