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How to motivate your clients to take care of their nails

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There is nothing quite as disheartening when you spent hours to perfect a set of nails, just so your clients can come back after a week with picked at gel polish and ripped nail beds, caused by acrylic being pulled off. No matter how much time and effort you put into a set of nails, there is only so much a nail technician can do. Once the clients leave your salon, it is in their hands to ensure they take care of the set and make it last. Making your clients understand the importance of nail care after they leave your salon is imperative. You can’t let them leave with the mind-set that their nails are indestructible and that they can just go on with their daily routines as usual. The following points are ways that you can motivate your clients to take care of their nails.

Educate your clients about the risk of nail funguses and diseases

Nails are more susceptible to a nail fungus or a bacterial infection when it’s continually submerged in water and not protected against harmful elements like dirt and chemicals. Tell your clients are detailed what can happen to their nails if they don’t properly take care of them. You can even show them pictures if they need more convincing.

They need to understand that they have to wear protective gloves when cleaning, doing dishes, and working in the garden. Overexposure to harmful chemicals and other elements will not only damage and lift the product, which will make way for a fungus to form, but it’s also very harmful to your natural nails and the surrounding skin. When your nail matrix is damaged it can’t be reversed. It will cause your nail to morph and not be able to grow properly ever again.

When the skin surrounding your nail gets continually damaged, it can also result in painful bacterial infections of the skin. It can cause swelling and even puss-filled sores, which will have to be treated by a medical professional.

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Provide your clients with nail care products like cuticle oil

By supplying products like cuticle oil in your salon, you not only create a separate income for yourself, but it will also motivate your clients to take better care of their nails and hands. It doesn’t always help to advise your clients to buy a product from another store. Not many of them will go through with it.

So having the products right in front of them will likely ensure their purchase. And seeing that they spent money on something they might be more inclined to use the product. Providing thymol for the self-treatment of certain bacterial and fungal infections is also a good idea.

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Book your clients for fills regularly

Clients need to understand that their nails are not indestructible and won’t last forever, no matter how badly we want them to. They have to book for refills and new sets regularly, to reduce the risk of infections and losing a nail, which can be very painful, and can cause serious damage to the nail bed. Most people work on a monthly salary so they might not be able to come as often as you might like.

A way to ensure that your clients will be more likely to come for fills more often is to book them for their next appointment before they leave your salon. Having regular fill-ins will prevent your clients’ prom from getting irritated with grown out nails and picking at them. It will also limit the chances of your client bumping and losing their nails. This will also motivate your clients to take better care of their nails, as they’ll get into the habit of getting their nails done more regularly.

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Advise your clients against pulling off products

When clients pull off products, especially acrylic, they can seriously damage their nails. They will most likely cause rips on the nail plate. It can even go as far as the nail completely tearing off of the nail bed. You won’t be able to do much on nails like that and will have to wait for it to grow out. It will leave your client in a lot of pain and it can cause other complications to form. It’s an overall unwanted situation that should be avoided. If you know your clients’ tent to pick at the product and pull it off after a certain amount of time, make sure you prevent it by maybe doing more regular refills., and motivating your clients to take better care of their nails by educating them about the dangers of pulling off the product.

Cater for each client’s needs

Some clients will not be able to handle certain products. It might be because of allergies or because of habits, like nail-biting and picking. In instances where clients are nail biters, it is a better option to do acrylic nails instead of gel, seeing that acrylic is overall sturdier and more durable. Listen to things your client tells you about their nails, and consider it. You also have to properly analyze the nails before putting any product on.

If you see your clients have seriously damaged nails, you have to focus on telling them the dangers of pulling off the product. If you see your client has bitten nails you have to make sure to add strong products to the nails and to advise your clients against nail-biting, as it holds many dangers that not many people know of. Having a stronger product will also motivate your clients to stop biting their nails.

As a nail technician, your job is not only to create the perfect setting but to also ensure that your clients will take care of it so that it will last as long as possible. Unfortunately, a nail tech can only do so much, and it is up to your clients what happens when they walk out your doors. People are fast to blame things that happen to their nails on the nail technician first, but it just so happens, that if you were to ask the client about more of the circumstances, it might not have even been your fault at all.

Do your part. Do the best job that you possibly can. Work hygienically, make sure that everything you do is done correctly. The rest is up to your clients. So educate them appropriately, many people don’t even know about nail funguses or disorders until it happens to them.

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