nail salon décor ideas

Nail Salon Décor Ideas

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A nail salon should be a place of relaxation for your clients. Having the proper décor is very important when designing the layout for your salon. Here are some décor ideas that you can use and implement into your own salon to create a space where your clients can unwind and relax. 

Vinyl window decal

There are so many amazing vinyl designs that you can use in your nail salon. It can be placed on a window or even walls for interior design purposes. Having a creative design with a cute quote is great for when people approach your salon. A vinyl decal can many times be customized to create your own design and size.

Artificial plants

Artificial plant are great for aesthetics when you’re not one for keeping plants alive. This specific design is eye caching with a beautiful rose gold finish to the pots, and cute quotes on the front. They will definitely tie the whole salon together.

Cute prints for working women

This is a set of poster prints that you can frame and add to the walls of your salon. Being a working woman is hard work so these designs are great for any working lady. I personally love boss lady designs. 

Rustic Wall Sconces

Nothing says professional work space like some beautiful lighting fixtures. These are so beautiful. They come in an array of different colors and sizes. Give your work space a magical feel with mason jars filled with fairy lights with some artificial flowers to top it all of. It is simple yet elegant.

Glass bulb planters with wooden stand

If, however having live plants are for you, these glass planters are perfect. Not only can do you have live plants in your nail salon which cleans the air and creates a naturalistic feel to any space, it’s also very aesthetically pleasing. You can also use the planters as vases to place freshly picket flowers in.

Comfy modern arm chair

Having a couple of comfortable arm chairs in your salon is a definite must. It creates the perfect space for your clients to relax while they wait for their appointment. Having comfortable chairs will ensure your clients are satisfied and  Investing in something luxurious is also a good idea. It will definitely give your nail salon the modern twist it needs.

Decorative throw pillows

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What is any space without a few strategically placed throw pillows. I absolutely love it when a couch or chair has throw pillows added to them. It makes the space feel neat and organized. It is also very pleasing to the eye. Make sure to choose some pillows with a modern design to match your salon stile.


Just like with throw pillows, having a beautiful throw hanging over- or draped over a couch looks and feels amazing. It gives an area a cozy feel to it. Throws are very trendy at the moment. You can also get a throw in almost any color and design of your choice if you know where to look. What’s great, is that on colder days throws can double as small blankets. This specific throw is hand-woven and has a very unique color and design.


Rugs are great for tying any space together. It just rounds of a design so great. Rugs come in many designs so you can choose what best fits your brand. Rugs are the best in cold months as cold doesn’t quite come through a rug as with tiles or wooden flooring. This rug is also designed to resist daily ware and tear. It is definitely a good idea to invest in a good quality rug to give your nail salon a feel of professionalism and class.

Hand Knitted Pouf Ottoman

An ottoman is the best invention ever! Not only does it look amazing in any setting, it also doubles as décor and extra seating. Ottomans come in many different designs, shapes and sizes. This specific one in plush and hand knitted. It generates a casual vibe while still staying classy and chic.

Side table

Having a side table in your waiting area is amazing. It doesn’t take up a lot of space like a coffee table and can be placed between two arm chairs so that it can be used by multiple people at once. This is great for your clients to place their coffee cups or for you to add some reading material for waiting clients. This specific brand is great as it comes in a variety of colors and is made with renewable material. It’s durable and can withstand a weight of a 100kg.

Chandelier light fixture

What girl can honestly say that she hasn’t some time in her life dreamt of having her own chandelier? A chandelier is so classy and looks amazing in almost any setting. Create a classy and girly design by adding this light fixture in your work space or waiting area. Lighting is extremely important in any salon setting. Now you can have amazing lighting in style.

Wall mounted mirrors

Having a mirror in any area is a must for completing any design. It just gives that last bit of décor that’s needed. You can never go wrong with adding mirrors to your salon as it creates a beautiful addition that will always be used.

Floating shelves

Having an abundance of display space is great especially when you have many walls to decorate. Floating shelves are great as they don’t have the unappealing fixtures holding them up at the bottom. You can use it to add other miscellaneous décor or to display some of your work or products.

Desk/wall art

Some cute wall art in gold with boss lady quotes. This will make a great addition to your salon as having your own business and working hard to build your future and make a better life for yourself, makes you an amazing hard working boss lady. You can add this across from your work station so that when you look up you can be reminded of how amazing you are.

Jewelry/key dish

Having a key dish at your salon’s entryway is a great idea. Your clients can throw their keys in there and retain them once they leave. This design is also quite fitting as your salon will be catering to predominantly women. For them to see a quote like this upon entry will brighten their day straight away.

All-Natural Organic Soy Candle

Scented candles are just the best. Not only to they provide a calming light and sets the atmosphere for relaxation, they also smell amazing and are a treat for the senses. This brand will go great in your salon. It’s organic and completely natural which makes it even better. Choose the perfect scent that you want your clients to remember you by.

Motivational art

Adding art around your salon that reminds you of the important things in life is a great addition. Everyone needs some motivation after a long day at work.

Tabletop fountain

What is better for creating a relaxing environment than a tabletop fountain. It’s the perfect size to add to tabletops or shelves without creating an empowering feel. It creates a Zen relaxing feel with it’s calming sound. This design is modern and aesthetically appealing,.

Felt Letter Board

A trendy piece of décor that you can use to display motivational quotes or even specials and trading hours to your clients. A beautiful rustic frame transforms it in a beautiful piece for your salon.

Desk Supplies Organizer with phone holder

I would personally love this in my own salon. Not only is it a beautiful design but it’s great for storing your nail art brushes, and I can display my phone conveniently for when I am designing nails from reference. It is also made out of environmentally friendly material which is always great to hear.

Rotating stand

Generally this is a necklace holder but this will be the best addition to your salon in this time we are in as you can use it for holding your face masks. It is beautiful with a vintage design.

Neon sign

Another cute way to add light to your salon. Have a neon sign that displays a quote or name in your salon.

Table Lamp

Whether you add this to your work station or to your waiting area, it is such a beautiful peace. This desk lamp is in the shape of a rose bush and is definitely something different that will give your salon a girly twist.

Macramé Wall Hanging

Another beautiful way to decorate your walls is by adding some Macramé designs. These beautiful handmade art pieces are unique and is a great way to add vintage pieces into your salon design.

Wall Mounted 5 Tier Nail Polish Rack Holder

This combines art with usability. Not only is this a very unique wall piece but you can also store your gel polishes in it. Add it to your salon to display your polish colors in style.

Marble Pattern Coasters

No one likes having water marks on furniture. Adding some coasters will not only prevent beautiful pieces from being ruined, but it gives you another opportunity to decorate your salon with your unique style.

Nail Display Chart

This is definitely more nail related art. This beautiful book can come in many designs and colors which will look great when matching with your salon colors. You can either display your available nail colors or use it to show off your nail art skills by displaying some of your work.

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