what you need for a pedicure

What equipment you need to do a pedicure

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Pedicures are something that every nail technician will be faced with at some time in their career. Whether you choose to do pedicures is up to you. It is however a very good idea to grow your business by doing pedicures. It is a way to attract new clients, and it opens up a world of possibilities.

In my time as a nail technician, I have done many pedicures. I put together a list of tools and items that I can’t live without when doing a pedicure.


An e-file is a must-have for any nail technician. I don’t know what I would’ve done without mine. It makes doing pedicures so much more enjoyable, and it makes the workload a lot easier.

This specific e-file is perfect as it already comes with a set of diamond drill bits, which is great for filling tiny toenails. This will prevent you from cutting your client, as the small diamond bits can get into uncomfortable, and hard to reach areas, making prep work a breeze.

The sanding bands are also amazing when it comes to filing off the old product. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Remember, time is money!

LED Lamp

Having a quality LED lamp with a removable bottom is an absolute must-have. Seeing that most people work with gel when doing pedicures, you will definitely need a high quality LED lamp, which can withstand regular use.

Seeing that when working with gel, it will be continually switched on and off again. Having an Led lamp with a digital screen is great when flash curing so that you can be able to check the time yourself.


One of the most important products when doing quality pedicures are towels of good value. Using darker towels is better, as it won’t show stains as easily. Having multiple towels on hand is a must, as you will go through a couple when doing one client. So as the old towels are being washed, make sure that you have a couple of spares.

Pedicure stool

When doing a pedicure your back can start to take a lot of strain. A professional pedicure stool is amazing if you can’t afford a large pedicure station. It has an adjustable footrest that you can manoeuvre your clients in such a way that will be comfortable for you both.

It’s also very easy to clean and can be stored with ease. Your work should be enjoyable and shouldn’t cause lasting damage to your body.

Foot spa

A foot spa should be on the top of your shopping list when starting with pedicures. Foot spas will create an overall more hygienic environment and will help you remove dead skin from your client’s feet with ease.

When you give travel services a portable foot spa is a good investment. Having a foot spa with a massaging and heating option will create a relaxing experience for your clients.


Nail tools sterilizer

You have to be very careful when using one tool on multiple clients. Knowing that it’s not very economical to buy multiple tools for each client, you have to make alternative provisions, to ensure you prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and diseases between clients.

Sterilization is a very important factor, whether you do pedicures or just manicures. It’s a good addition to any nail technician’s salon. If you invest in a high-quality sterilizer, you can help multiple clients without worry.

Pedicure set

A pedicure set is an amazing investment. Not only does it include sturdy nippers, which are usually better to use on toenails than nail nippers, but it also includes sidewall cleaners, a cuticle pusher, and tools that you can use to get rid of ingrown toenails.

Seeing that everything is stainless steel, it can easily be sterilized between clients.

Nail dusting brushes

Having a couple of nail dusting brushes is a very good idea, After filing toenails you’ll see that dust can get stuck in the sidewalls and cuticle areas a lot easier than on fingernails. Simply using a lint-free wipe won’t do the job, and you’ll waste time trying to get all of the dust off.

These nail brushes are soft on the skin but have sturdy bristles that easily get into those hard to reach places in the toenail. They are very inexpensive so you have no excuse to get them.

Orange manicure sticks

Orange manicure sticks are amazing for doing pedicures. They are inexpensive so you can have one for each client. It makes quick work of any gel that might have run into the sidewalls and cuticle area.

Seeing that the sticks have sharp points on one end, they won’t cause thick grooves where you removed the product. You can do it neatly and still only be a hairline away from the cuticle area.

Nail files

Having a good amount of nail files is a must for any nail technician. You cannot reuse a nail file on multiple clients. Even though you will probably use an e-file to do most of the prepping, a nail file is the best tool to use to get that crisp and even shape on the toenail.

foot files

Callus removal is a big part of pedicures. Removing calluses naturally can be quite tricky. Getting a reusable stainless steel foot file is the best option, as it can easily be controlled, and can be reused as it can be sterilized after each client.

After your client’s feet have been properly soaked, you will be able to remove any dead skin with ease. Using a razor to remove calluses is not the best way to go and is quite outdated. This can actually cause more harm than good so refrain from using it.

Pedicures can be quite enjoyable when you have the right tools and equipment. Don’t shy away from a new challenge. It can potentially grow your client base a lot faster, especially in the spring and summer months, where everyone wants sandal-ready feet. So take advantage of this and expand your business.

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