The single best air purifier for a nail salon

The single best air purifier for a nail salon

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Tired of reading lists of air purifiers and not getting what you want and still being overwhelmed with choices. That is why I decided to look for the single best air purifier for a nail salon. There are a bunch available that you can look at and buy today, but might not be the perfect air purifier for a nail salon.

When looking for an air purifier for your nail salon you must consider the room size, how much the room is used, and what chemicals there are in the air. Then looking at the air purifier you should make sure it has a HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, and a washable pre-filter. Just make sure the filters are quality and not cheaply made.

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Are air purifiers a waste of money

No, they are not, if you buy a proper one and not cheap out or get a one that is too small for the room where you want to use it. That is why you should buy right the first time. Here I made a list of the best air purifiers you can get today. What’s the best air purifier for you

Can you use an air purifier for a nail salon

Yes, you can. I would even encourage you to use an air purifier for a nail salon because of all the chemical odors and dust that can be found in a nail salon. 

Chemicals and odors in a nail salon

You get a bunch of different chemicals and dust in a salon. The odors can get overwhelming and breathing in nail dust can damage your health. An air purifier for a nail salon is a must-have unless you have extremely good air ventilation, and no an aircon isn’t good enough ventilation.

  1. Dust (Nail dust/dust for tips being filed)
  2. Monomer
  3. Nail polish remover(Acetone)
  4. Different polishes(Gel/Nail)
  5. Disinfectants/Sanitizers
  6. Human odors

Dangers of nail dust

You get different nail dust in a salon. Like gel dust, normal nail dust, and acrylic dust. Each of them has different properties, but breathing in any of them can be dangerous for your health.

  1. It’s an irritant
  2. Stays in the air a while
  3. Land on hard to clean areas
  4. Dust can get into your equipment and damage it

Certain acrylics can take longer to fully dry. Which means they might feel dry but aren’t fully set. So when you file some dust particles might be wet. When wet acrylic comes in contact with skin it can cause an allergic reaction.

The best air purifier for a nail salon

CLEANFORCE Extra large Purifier


4.7 rating with over 100 reviews on Amazon

A large air purifier that is designed for large rooms. I recommend this air purifier for a nail salon even if your salon is more on the medium room size. Because of the amount of dust and chemicals odors that you can find in a salon you want something that can suck up a large amount of air and clean it at once.

It is also great if you have two or more nail techs working in the same room. You will be able to keep the air sufficiently clean while they work. If you have a very large area you want to clean I recommend getting 2 or more of these air purifiers. It won’t do you any good just getting one for a very large area because it won’t be able to keep up with the demand.

It is great value for money if you consider the area it covers compared to other air purifiers of the same class that can be more expensive and covers a smaller area. It might seem a bit expensive at first, your health and your employees are worth a lot more than a few extra dollars.

Price $$$$

  • Remote control
  • Clean and modern design
  • Covers 3000 sq ft
  • Dual filters
  • Good price for area coverage
  • True HEPA filters
  • 4 different filters
  • Removes particles down to 0.1 microns
  • Auto mode
  • Air quality color light indicator
  • Sleep mode
  • Big
  • Heavy
  • Expensive filters
  • Price
  • No app control for the price

Alternative air purifier for small salons

RENPHO Smart WiFi Purifier


4.6 rating with over 900 reviews on Amazon

You can easily put it against a wall and forget about it. You also have the ability to control it using your phone, so only need to touch it when you need to change the filters.

It sucks in air from the side vents and release it at the top. Making it perfect for putting it right up against a wall and not having to worry about blocking airflow. 

This is a perfect air purifier you can put in a smaller salon. It is a lot cheaper than the above-mentioned air purifier but far less powerful.

Price $$

  • 3 speeds plus auto mode
  • Ultra quiet sleep mode
  • Timer
  • Air quality indicator
  • Filter change indicator
  • App control
  • Can turn off lights
  • 4 filter
  • True HEPA filter
  • Not plug and play, requires a setup 
  • Larger than it appears
  • 4 filters so more filters to change

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