what you need to do easy nail art

What equipment you need for easy nail art.

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If you find yourself struggling to do hand-painted nail art, and always feel discouraged when a client wants a set of nails with extreme art, don’t fret. There are many different options that you can use to create an awesome set of nails even if hand painting is not for you. Things like stickers, chrome, rhinestones and glitter are but a few examples.


Nothing makes a set of nails stand out as much as rhinestones. You can get multiple different shapes, sizes and colours. There are also flat-back or whole crystals that you can work into the nails to give it the desired effect. You can create patterns in different shapes and designs. By just practising a bit you can create the most intricate rhinestone patterns that will make the nails pop.


The number of nail stickers on the market is endless. You can get almost any design, character or print on stickers, you just have to know where to look. Nail stickers are quite inexpensive and when placed correctly can make a set of nails come together and look amazing. Stickers can either have sticky backs or can be water transfers. 


Chrome is one of my favourite mediums to use. The possibilities are endless. Whether you create a full chrome nail, create an ombre effect with chrome and another colour underneath, blend multiple chrome colours into each other, or create a chrome design by applying chrome and drawing on it with a topcoat, after which you wipe off the excess chrome and is left with a cool looking design.

Striping tape

Striping tape is stickers that can be used to create easy line work. They come in almost any colour of the rainbow, in glitters and chrome colours and can also vary in width. You can also use striping tape to create simplistic art and french tip nails.

STencil stickers

Stencil stickers are great for creating intricate patterns and designs. simply apply the sticker where you desire and paint over it using the gel colour, pigment or chrome of your choice. Cure the design and peel off the stencil to be left with a beautiful and effortless pattern.

Dried flowers

Dried flowers can give any spring themed nail the extra detail it needs. It will give your nails a naturalistic look. Dried flowers are also great for creating milk-bath nails. You can break off smaller petals and leaves for more simplistic designs.

Sugaring beads

Sugaring has become quite the trend this past year. Using sugaring beads will give your nails the shimmery diamond effect without you having to stick the small stones one by one. It might be just the 3D effect you need to make the set of nails pop.


Stamping is a great way to create designs and patterns that look hand-drawn. If done correctly it looks amazing and will save you a lot of time and resources. You can play around with colours and the number of patterns and designs that you can find on stamping plates is endless. You can create virtually any set you set your mind to. 

Glittery confetti shapes

These are to die for and so easy to use. Simply use gel or acrylic to pick up a couple of shapes and encapsulate them where you want them on the nails. You can get hearts, leaves, stars, butterflies and more. They also come in multiple colours, sizes and some of them are even glow in the dark.

3D nail embelishments

These embellishments are great for creating elegant jewellery-like nails. You can bend them to curve with your nails and encapsulate them, or simply stick them onto the surface of the nails. Use them with glitter to give the illusion of rare stones. Or use them with rhinestones and other embellishments like beads and pearls.

Transfer foils

Transfer foils are something that I also love to use. You can get the most amazing designs, patterns, pictures and animal prints. Use it alongside other nail art like striping tape and embellishments. This way you can create amazing looking nails without much effort. They look beautiful and is definitely a must-have for your nail art collection.

Foil leaf

These pieces of fine foils can be used to create the most amazing designs. Use them on marble nails to create gemstone-type nails, or add them to any design to give it an expensive feel.

Angel paper

Angel paper is holographic decor paper that can be cut into strips and used to decorate nails. You can cut out shapes and patterns to make the designs more interesting or use them to create a shattered glass type effect.

Fruit and other nail decorations

These types of nail decorations are small circular plastic chips that can be encapsulated into the nail. I have seen many people create nails that look like fruit smoothies for instance using fruit chips. There are many different designs like characters flowers and even food pieces.

Smile line cutters

Smile lines can sometimes be hard to create. These smile line cutters will allow you to create french smile lines of any shape and size with ease. Just press the desired shape into the drying acrylic and file the edges smooth.

acrylic moulds

These moulds can be used with acrylic or hard gel to create beautiful 4D nail decorations like flowers. This will save you a lot of time and money. Instead of having to create these decorations from scratch, you can just use these moulds to quickly give your desired design and size.

One stroke flower brushes

Even if hand painting is not your thing, using these one stroke flower brushes and some gel paint you can create the most beautiful flower designs without much effort. It will take a bit of practice but is definitely a reachable goal.

Dotting tools

You can use dotting tools to create simplistic designs and patterns from flowers, polka dots, leopard print and more. You can use your imagination to create beautiful nails with ease.


Glitter is a must-have for any nail technician. Even if nail art is not your thing you can’s go wrong by adding some bling to your nails. Whether you create full nail designs, ombre effects, glitter colour blending or adding some glitter to a design like a marbled nail. Glitter comes in so many colours, sizes and shapes. You can also create your own crazy blends by mixing different glitters together.

Flower decorations

If stickers aren’t really your thing, you’ll love these realistic looking flower decorations that can be encapsulated onto the nails. You can create real looking flower arrangements on your nails without having to paint anything.

4D jelly bear decorations

I have come across this trend multiple times now. Using these 4D jelly bear-like decorations on to the nails. Complete your “sweet” nail designs by adding some of these cute bears to the mix.

Butterfly decorations

These butterflies have caught my attention multiple times now. Not only can they be encapsulated onto the nails but they can also be suck onto the nails with their wings ticking up. This will give your nails such a magical vibe. Mix it up by sticking some of their wings to the nails and letting some of them stick into the air. This will give the illusion of butterflies mid-flight. These designs are also very realistic so it looks like real miniature butterflies on your nails.


The pigment can be used to create amazing designs. For instance, smoke designs or neon ombre designs are created using nail pigments. Let your imagination run free with this. All you need is to paint the design, let it cure and add the pigment to the inhibition layer of the gel.

Chain embelishments

Create 3D designs on your nails using these pieces of chain embellishments designed for nail use. You can create the perfect designs by using some imagination. These chains come in different sizes, shapes and colours.

Flower embelishments

Similarly like with the butterflies, these flower embellishments have petals that stick up and give a 3D effect to the nails. You can decorate the flowers further by using beads or rhinestones.

Chrome nail flakes

Similarly like with angel paper, these chrome flakes will give a magical effect to your nails. They can be added in clusters but I personally feel they look better when used sparsely. Like with any chrome product the way it displays is determined by the colour of the background. So the flakes will not look the same on lighter nails as they do on black nails.

Nail air brusher

Airbrushing is no longer only for creating murals, paintings or decoration clothing, it can now be used to easily decorate nails as well. You can create beautiful designs by using an airbrush and some stencil stickers. 

Colour ombre tools

Struggling to blend gel colours is a thing of the past. Using the sponging tool or the ombre brush you can easily create the perfect gradients without much effort. Create the perfect background for your design using these tools.

Nail wraps

Nail wraps are similar to nail stickers, except that they fit onto the whole of the nail. You can get almost any character or design on nail wraps. If you want to create easy nails that seem to have a lot of nail art on make use of nail wraps. Just note that the average nail wraps will not be able to fit on extra long nails.

Magnetic galaxy cat eye gel

This gel will create a magical looking set. simply apply some of the gel and use a magnet to create the desired design. I’ve seen people create the most amazing things like dragon egg nails or use this gel to fill in the eyes of characters. Use your imagination and everything is possible.

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