11 Valintine nail art designs and Ideas

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Valentine’s day is around the corner. And with it comes the challenge of finding the perfect set of nails to do. In this article, I added some cute and trendy Valentine nail art designs. Most of whom are easy to do and will leave your clients swooning and coming back for more.

1. Red Hearts Nail Art

1. XO hearts nail art

This set was created using Red and white acrylic. The art is simply done using red gel polish for the hearts and black gel liner for the heart and XO. To create easy hearts use a dotting tool to make the arches and connect them with a striping brush.

2. Heart line valentine nail art

2. Spider gel heart design

Another super easy design done by using white and red acrylic for the base. using spider gel draw easy lines on two of the white nails. Then using a dotting tool, black gel liner and a striping brush, make the various sized dots and hearts. I then went in with silver gel to give the hearts a shimmer effect.

3. Multi-hearted valentine nail art

3. Red heart valentine nail art

Using a mixture of acrylic and gel I created this beautiful set. I made use of this amazing maroon gel polish for the nails as well as the heart nail art. Doing the hearts by simply using a dotting tool and striping brush. Round it off with a beautiful deep crimson glitter.

4. Purple simplistic valentine nail art

4. Purple simplistic valentine nail art

This art is very straight forward but is a definite winner for those who love more simplistic nail art, but still want to celebrate the holiday. Simply use a striping brush to draw a straight line after which you go in with a dotting tool and create a small heart at one end. I added a small pearl for an extra touch. A rhinestone will also look beautiful.

5. Simplistic pink valentine nail art

5. Simplistic pink valentine nail art

I love how the pink and grey complement each other. This holographic glitter is also a definite winner. The hear I drew with silver glitter and simply added a white outline to the completed hearts.

6. Trendy heart nail design

6. Trendy heart nail design

This heart is so simplistic and can transform any boring design into the perfect valentine set. Add some rhinestones and a beautiful glitter, and the set is complete!

7. Dark Love valintine nail design

Making use of different elements you can also create this super cute set. I started by creating black and pink french nails with glitter at the top. To create the detailing I used rose gold foil and rose gold as well as black liner gel. Top it off with a rhinestone here and there.

8. White heart simplistic nail art

8. White heart simplistic nail art

This is not my standard french. Instead of creating a reverse french as I always do, I painted the french detailing as well as the added heart designs.

9. Valentine smile line nail art

9. Valentine french nail art

Using reverse french I created this beautiful pink set. I then used white liner gel to create this popular dimensional heart.

10. Love Heart valentine nail art

10. Heartbeat valentine nail art

Reverse french with added glitter for dimension as well as some hand-painted valentine detailing. Exclaim the heartthrob you have for your beloved through your nails.

11. Angel wings heart nail art

This was a definite favourite! using acrylic for the background I created a gradient on one nail. For the deep red, I used gel polish on top of clear acrylic. Here the trendy heart makes another appearance. I then painted some glitter hearts and added some wings by using white liner gel. To give the hearts a 3D effect I coated them in a thick layer of glossy top coat.

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