Is getting your nails done a waste of money

Is getting your nails done a waste of money?

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Spending one’s money wisely can sometimes seem tricky. More and more influencers appear on social media telling you what you need to buy or invest in to be happy. No matter how strong-willed you are this can be challenging sometimes as some people can have quite the impact on your choices. You have to start by asking yourself what you view as money well spent or wasteful habits.

I wrote an article on How to improve your money managing skills that you can go and read now

People have different opinions on what they consider to be wasteful and what not to be. Some people can consider a night out to be a waste of money, feeling they can rather just make food at home and save up, while others love going out, socializing, and having their food and drinks prepared for them. It is mainly about what value it brings to you.

If you feel good after a set of nails and you enjoy your time while getting it done it is worth it for sure. If you feel the opposite, then it is most likely not for you. If you have never had your nails done by a professional, then I’ll advise you to give it a try at least once and see how you feel afterward. 

As the saying goes “money can’t buy happiness”, it’s more about how the experience makes you feel. 

Just remember to always live within your means. Don’t spend money you don’t have, doesn’t matter if you don’t have money for a set of nails or for anything that isn’t immediate import like bills, rent, or food.

I personally feel it is worth it to get your nails done, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a nail tech myself, but the number of benefits to doing your nails can be well worth the money spent: 

Pro and cons of getting your nails done

Pro and cons of getting your nails done



  • Can act as a barrier protecting your nails against the elements
  • Can improve your self-image
  • Can get hang-nails and dead skin removed professionally
  • Acrylic can help your nails grow longer if you have weak or brittle nails
  • Have more healthy-looking nails
  • Can have a great experience at the salon and can go with a friend
  • Get to know new people
  • Be more confident when using your hands in front of people like when making hand gestures, writing, or typing on a computer
  • Have a reason to go out at least once a month
  • Covering your nails with a product can protect them from becoming dehydrated fast
  • Some nail salons can be expensive
  • When the product is damaged you run the risk of contracting a fungal or bacterial infection
  • It might be challenging when you first get your nails done to learn how to do things differently with long nails  (never use your nails as tools)
  • Some nail technicians might hurt you or damage your nails further. It is very important to do a good amount of research before visiting a new salon.

Is it safe to get your nails done?

Yes, it is safe to get your nails done, just make sure the person working on your nails is competent. Some potential harmful elements are being exposed to the chemicals used and breathing it in for an extended time, this should however not be a concern if your nail technician provides sufficient ventilation as they should and use safe, tested products. A nail tech might also accidentally cut you while filing your nails which can be quite painful and should be cleaned properly to prevent the risk of infection from forming.

Some things to also look out for when getting your nails done just to be extra safe.

  • Are you forming any allergies? (Don’t worry this is rare about 2.4%) source
  • Did the nail tech sterilize their tools and properly disinfect their work area?

Is getting your nails done painful?

The short answer, no. Getting your nails done should not be painful. It does however depend on who does your nails. A beginner nail tech might file you by accident and it can hurt where an experienced nail tech probably won’t. Some people can also be very inconsiderate by not paying attention to what they are doing and hurt you without realizing it. Other things that might cause discomfort are friction burn when filing or heat spikes caused by gel in the UV/LED lamp while curing, but your nail tech should make you aware of these factors and tell you what to do when you experience discomfort.

If you had a bad experience and were hurt repeatedly, don’t think it is a common thing, rather go to another nail tech. Beauty shouldn’t be that painful.

Why it is important to educate yourself on nail care

If you don’t take care of your newly done nails they won’t last, which might seem like money wasted to you. However, nail care isn’t just up to the nail tech the same way as your health isn’t just up to the doctor. You should still try to live a healthy lifestyle and this extends to your natural nail health as well I wrote a few articles that you should check out, especially the one on “how to take care of your nail extensions” if you are going to get your nails done.

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