How to Market Your Nail Tech Business Online

How to Market Your Nail Tech Business Online

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If you enjoy painting nails and creating nail art, starting your own nail tech business is a fun and profitable way to make a living.  How much money you can make like a nail tech depends on your skills and talent, but also how well you market your nail tech business

There are many things you can do online and offline to attract new clients, but having a website is one of the best tools for promoting your business online.

Creating a website for your nail business

Creating a website is much easier than you might think.  If you want a professionally designed website you can hire a web designer to build your website.  But, if you want to build your own website, even if you aren’t tech-savvy, you can design a professional website for your nail business with a website builder like Wix.   There are other popular website companies like Weebly and Squarespace, but Wix is easier to use and has templates that are perfect for a nail tech business.  Create an account, buy a domain name, and pick a template. Their website builder is drop and drag. You can literally create a website for your business in a few hours.

Getting traffic to your nail tech website

You may have heard having a website will help customers find your business.  A website only helps your business  if people are visiting it. Every day customers search online for nail salons, if they can’t find your business, you could be losing hundreds of potential clients. 

How to get your business listed in Google

Getting listed in Google is free and easy. Go to  Sign in using your Google account or create an account. Then click next.  Type in the name of your business. It’s possible that your business is already listed.  If it is, it will show up when you search for your name.  Answer the questions regarding how your business will be listed in Google maps, choose your category (nail salon), enter your phone number, website URL, and then click finish.

You will need to verify your account before it will be listed in Google.  They will send a postcard to your address with a code to enter. Once you are verified you can manage your account.  You have the option to create a Google website. Even though you have your own website it’s a good idea to create a Google website as well. Fill out every section of your profile. Once you have your profile complete, you can start working on getting your business found on Google maps.

How to get your nail salon business in the top 3 spots in Google maps

Many business owners hire an SEO company to improve their position in Google, but you can totally do this yourself. Two important factors in ranking well in Google maps are the number of business citations you have and how many Google reviews you have. 

A citation is any website that mentions your business name, address and phone number. The more citations you have, the better you will rank in Google maps. Make sure your business is listed in all the major business directories like Yelp, Manta, Bing Places, Yellow Pages and Angie’s list. You can also do a search for business directories in your area.

Google reviews are not only great for improving your position in Google, they are great for your business. Ask every client to leave you a Google review. In this day and age, customers read Google reviews before deciding on what business to work with.  The more positive reviews you have the better!

Other tips for getting marketing your nail tech business online


Everyday women are looking for tutorials on nail care, and inspiration for what to do with their nails. A  blog is a great way to show off your work and get traffic to your website.  Having a blog will also help your website rank better in search engines. Here’s why?  Google loves content.  A website that has more content on it, will rank better in search engines than a website that doesn’t.

Instagram marketing

Over 1 billion people use Instagram. For nail technicians, Instagram is one of the best ways to market your business. You cannot post links to your website in your Instagram posts, but you can include a link to your website in your bio. Include all your contact info in your bio and a link to your website where clients can book an appointment.

Instagram is the perfect place to show off your nail art and get attention. Building a following takes time.  You need to be consistent and  post high-quality photos with great captions. Make use of hashtags. Hashtags are the best way for people to find your posts on Instagram.

Here is are some of the most popular nail salon hashtags.

#nailsalon, #nailart, #naildesigns, #nailsofinstagram, #gelnails, #nailaddict, #nailpolish, #nailartjunkie, #nailsdid, #nailartdesign

You can also use themed hashtags for holidays like #valentinenails, #bridalnails, #weddingnails, #christmasnails, #halloweennails

Pinterest marketing

Over 70 percent of Pinterest users are women. Hair and beauty topics are two of the most pinned topics on Pinterest.  If you are great at nail art, Pinterest is a fantastic way to get traffic to your website. The best way to use Pinterest is to create great content on your website, like tutorials, nail art, and nail care tips. Then use Pinterest to promote your content. 

Create a Pinterest account for your business. Add your business name, a profile picture, a description of your business, and a link to your website.  Then start creating Pinterest boards. Choose the names of your boards based on keywords you think someone might search for like 2021 “nail art” or “nail art techniques”.

It’s very easy to create beautiful pins. There are several free tools for creating Pinterest pins, but one of the easiest and most popular to use is Canva,. Canva is a graphic design platform that allows you to create Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest images. You can use their pre-designed templates or design your own. 

Once you create your pin, you can pin it to one of your Pinterest boards. Log into Pinterest. Click the + sign at the bottom of your feed. Then upload your image. Add a title and description for your pin. If you have written a blog post to go with your pin, add the link to your blog. Then save. 

Facebook marketing

Facebook is another great way to market your nail tech business. You can use Facebook the same way you use Instagram and Pinterest. Facebook is the most popular social media platform with over 2 billion users. Ask your friends, family, and customers to follow you on Facebook. You can use Facebook to share promotions, nail art, before and after pictures, and tutorials. Facebook is also an affordable way to advertise your business. Have a great promotion or  blog post?  Try boosting it. Boosting a Facebook post is easy and affordable. If you want to grow your Facebook following, try a $15-25 boost once a month.

Getting traffic to your nail tech website may take a few months to a year. If you consistently create new content, like updating a gallery regularly, or posting tutorials and blog posts, you can steadily grow the traffic to your website and. Online promotions are something you can do in between clients, or while you have free time. Try to make the most of your time. When you’re not working at your business, work on your business marketing.

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