How to create an awesome set of nails

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Working in this industry can be quite tough, and you will have to work very hard and put a lot of time, effort, and money into creating your business. The best way to boost your business fast is to create a set of nails and an impression with people who see your work. You want them to come to your salon and tell their friends about you. Having someone share your work online is not only a great feeling and confidence booster; it’s also a great way of attracting clients. Many people would rather trust their friend who shared their experience with your work, than advertisements that you posted.

Now you might be wondering; how do you create a lasting impression in someone, especially in this industry. Well, in this article I will give you tips to creating an awesome set of nails, and changing your possible mediocre work into outstanding that will imprint on almost anyone that sees it.

1. Don’t rush your work

Rushing your work can have several negative outcomes when creating a set of nails. It is very important to work effectively and to be time-conscious, but you should refrain from cutting corners to work faster. Rather focus on perfecting your skill and working neatly. Working effectively will also prevent you from hurting your clients.

Being a nail technician takes skill and practice. With it, effective time management will come with time. Click here to learn more about speeding up your time as a nail technician. Clients will definitely acknowledge and appreciate the time and effort you put into their nails. You might pay closer attention to detail than other nail techs, and this might be the one thing that sets you aside from the rest, and might be the reason why clients chose you and not someone else.

Take pride in your work, whether it is shaping the nails, placing rhinestones perfectly or hand painting nail art. Putting the correct amount of time into your work will allow people to see your potential and will in turn give you the confidence to work on other people and expand your knowledge in the industry.

2. Work neatly

Working neatly and time management goes hand-in-hand. If you rush your work the result will most likely not be as neat and well rounded off as it could be. Work on cleaning the cuticle area effectively, never leave hangnails and take care of dry skin. When applying the product ensure you clean the cuticle areas and sidewalls effectively. File and shape the nails so that they are even, crisp and without any bumps or dents.

If your clients notice you paying attention to the finer details they will appreciate it and not only come to your salon in the future but also refer to new clients.

3. Determine what you’re good at and work at perfecting those skills

Whether it’s hand-painted nail art, rhinestone placement, 3D art or any other nail tech-related skill, work at perfecting your talents. This will be your defining trait in the nail industry. You want to build a solid reputation for yourself and your business, so it is important to stand out from the crowd.

If you are good at something unique that not many other people can do, build on that. Use your skills for marketing your business and growing your name.

4. Use quality products

It is extremely important to invest in quality products and equipment when starting your nail business. You can’t expect to build a good reputation for yourself and your business when you use off-brand and cheap items. This will really cause severe damage to your reputation, especially when someone gets an allergic reaction or suffer another negative effect because of your negligence.

Investing money in your business will not only prove that you are serious and motivated to make a success of your business, but you will also gain confidence in yourself and the industry.

5. Ask for advice

Never be too proud to ask your superiors for advice. Asking your instructors for advice can be a great confidence builder as they might note your growth in the industry and your developing skill. There is nothing quite as great of a confidence booster as having your instructor commenting on your great work.

Learning from other nail technicians is also a great way to grow and expand your knowledge. Find people who specialise in things that you are passionate about, and grow through them. Many nail technicians will be more than willing to give you tips and pointers. Don’t be discouraged if you come across one person who might not want to share their trade secrets. Always remember, that this is an extremely oversaturated environment and we all are trying to stand out and be different.

Confidence will come with time. As you grow your clientele and your experience in the industry you will grow more confident to try new things and explore the boundaries of your comfort zone.

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