Nails for kids of all ages

Nails for kids of all ages

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Having some sort of product on my nails has always been a way I’ve expressed myself. I remember the excitement as a child when summer rolled around. My mom would take out this large box filled with press-on nails. Naturally, as I was very young I only applied them with sticky tack. It was still so fun for me to have these long and extravagant nails that I could paint and decorate.

As I got older I started testing out the waters for different products. I got my first set of acrylics when I was 15 years old. After that I only got my nails done for prom and after school, where I switched between gel and acrylic respectively.

I never knew about acrylics or gel when I was young, but these days it’s such a common thing that I think many parents get plagued by the question, can their young children get their nails done?

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Should young children get their nails done? Health and safety issues

Whether or not you choose to get your child’s nails done has less to do with people’s outlook on the subject, and more about possible health factors that you should consider. Children have very small and fragile nails. Just like their skin and hair, it is still young and fragile.

Not only is acrylic a very hard substance to put on anyone’s nails, but the preparation behind getting nail extensions is quite extensive. Working on such small hands(that struggle to keep still for long periods), can cause the technician to accidentally file the skin around the nails. 

Filing the nails also causes them to thin out, and using products like acrylic or gel from a young age, and when not applied correctly and carefully can cause the child to start becoming allergic to the products, which will hinder them from getting nail extensions in the future when they’re older.

Children are also notorious for being rougher with things, and the active lifestyle of a child might not be the best fit for acrylic nails or any long nail extensions. When especially acrylic is damaged, it can damage the nail underneath as well. And a child who has very long nails can be left with severely damaged nail beds if the extension is damaged with force(which can happen easily when children play).

Using harsh chemicals like acetone and other nail products is also not optimal on the sensitive skin and nails of a child.

Different nail products that are safe for children

Now you might be wondering, “what now?” You have a child who longs to have beautiful nails. DOn’t fret, because there are plenty of options that will satisfy your child and keep them safe at the same time.

Some products you can consider:

Press-on nails
Kids press-on nails

Press-on nails have become all the rage in the past few years when many people weren’t able to get their nails done. These nails can be stuck on using gel, glue, or the best option for young nails, double-sided glue stickers.

You can buy some amazing sets of press-on nails that have various colors and designs. Some nail technicians also sell custom-made press-on nails. So it might be worth asking your nail technician about.

Double-sided nail stickers are great as you can place them on the back of the nails and stick it on with ease. This method is not designed for long wear so the press-on nails can be removed easily without damaging the fragile nails underneath. I wrote an article about press-on nails if you want to know more about how it works and everything it entails. I also have a list of cool press-on nails that you can check out.

Nail polish

Nail polish might seem like a basic option, but there are great brands out there. And the possibilities for nail art are endless. You don’t have to use the best tools or gel to achieve cool-looking nail art. Check out my post on easy nail art which you can do to give your child the most fabulous looking manicure.

You can also use a peel basecoat which makes removing the nail polish super easy and will cause even less damage to the nails than using nail polish remover.

Nail polish stickers

Nail polish stickers are another option if you are not up for dealing with painting small nails, and waiting for them to dry. Nail polish stickers are just that.

It’s stickers that already have the design and colors you desire. You simply paste them on the nail and file the edges. You can apply a thin layer of clear polish to the nails before and after applying the stickers to make them last longer. It is super easy and looks great.

Gentler gel

If none of the above options appeal to you, then maybe looking into a gentle gel polish might be the better option. One brand in particular that I have used is Manucurist.

They specialize in “green” gel that has no harmful chemicals and is almost completely plant-based. It is a super gentle gel that will give your child the salon-done look, without the exposure to chemicals and everything in-between. Check out my article on the Green Flash pro from Manicurist, which is an at-home gel kit. They also have a wide range of nail polishes.

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