Nail Salon Organization and Storage Shopping Ideas

Nail Salon Organization and Storage Shopping Ideas

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Being a nail tech today is amazing seeing that there are so many new and exciting tools and equipment to use that make your workload easier. And don’t even get me started on all of the different color acrylic powders, gel polishes, different art, and gel brushes, glitter variants, stickers, stamping plates and so, so much more. 

It makes being a nail tech super fun and exciting, but as your collection grows you can soon become overwhelmed by a lack of space. Here are some ideas that I’ve put together that will make organizing your nail salon so much easier even if you have a small space.


Let’s start with the walls, shall we? Seeing that many nail technicians start working in small areas and making any space work, you have to utilize every inch, even the walls. As a nail technician, you don’t need much space initially, especially if it’s just you working there and not multiple nail technicians.

1. Nail polish wall rack

What will a nail salon be without sufficient space to display nail polish/ gel colors. This is a definite must-have. It is wall-mounted which helps when you have limited floor space. It also has a minimal plastic design that will make cleaning a breeze. Buy on amazon

2. Wall-mounted towel rack

Having clean towels on hand is so important. Whether it is for when doing manicures or pedicures. This wall-mounted towel rack Is great for storing your clean towels and keeping them close by so that you can quickly grab them as you need them. Buy on amazon

3. Wall-mounted paper towel rack

When working with acrylic applications, you will more likely than none be using a whole lot of paper towels. This paper towel rack is great as it is out of the way and holds the paper towel roll in such a manner that you can easily rip a piece as you need it. You can mount it to the wall closest to your table for comfort. Buy on amazon

4. Display shelves

Shelves are great for displaying products that you might sell in your salon. You can also add things like your nail color chart or your nail art display cards.  Buy on amazon

5. Wall baskets

steel wall basket

These baskets can be conveniently placed wherever you need them. Store anything from pedicure products, lotions, or soaks and scrubs. You can also add them to the inside of your cabinets for extra space or use them to store your used towels until you wash them.  Buy on amazon

6. Wall-mounted cabinet

Having spacious cabinets is a must when you have a nail salon. Whether you store extra equipment, tools, or bulk supplies, your space will never be enough. This cabinet is great as it is wall-mounted so doesn’t take up any floor space, and it also has a cute shelf on the bottom which you can use for display or decoration. Buy on amazon

Drawers and cabinets:

Every nail technician needs at least one sturdy and spacious cabinet. You can start by picking the right nail desk. Choosing a simple one without any drawers might seem cost-effective, but trust me, it is so much better to have a functional desk with at least one drawer. Having some extra cabinets nearby will also help keep your space organized and keep everything you need close by.

1. Storage drawers

These storage drawers are great. They are classy and sleek with a modern design. It has spacious drawers and another bonus is that it can easily be moved around as it has wheels. spacious drawers are so important as you’ll probably have an abundance of nail art, acrylics, and gels to store. Buy on amazon

2. Drawer cart

Another option if you have limited space. Easy to clean plastic design with see-through drawers can make a great addition to your salon. Larger drawers at the bottom are great for storing larger appliances or bottles whereas at the top you can store your glitters and powders. Buy on amazon

Table storage:

There are some things that you will have to keep on your table. And as you purchase more tools your table can quickly become crowded. These pieces are great for keeping your table clean and organized as well as minimizing clutter.

1. Cosmetic storage drawers

Who says that these makeup organizers can only be used for makeup? these are great for storing objects that you’ll have to reach fast when working with a client. Store your brushes at the top and things like lint-free wipes, nail clippers, and cotton pads in the bottom drawers. Buy on amazon

2. Drill bit organizer

One of my favorite salon additions is my e-file. And with the e-file comes many drill bits. They can easily be misplaced and lost if close care isn’t taken. This drill bit container is creat as it has plenty of space for all of your drill bits and it can conveniently be closed so that you don’t contaminate the rest of the drill bits while filing. Buy on amazon

3. Desk organizer drawers

You can use these classy bamboo drawers to store things like nail stamps, stickers, and other things that you need close by and that can become cluttered easily. Buy on amazon

4. under-desk paper towel holder

This paper towel holder is super useful as it can easily be positioned under your table. This makes it easy to reach and also keeps it out of sight. Buy on amazon

5. Bush holder

This stylish brush holder is great for storing your acrylic, gel, and nail art brushes. Buy on amazon

In-drawer storage:

Having a bunch of cabinets and drawers is great, but you will soon realize that you’ll need alternative ways to keep your cabinets from becoming disorganized and cluttered.

1. Desk drawer organizer set

Having some desk organizers can be so useful. Whether you use them to color code or store brands apart. This is a great way of keeping your drawers from becoming chaotic. It’s important to remember that every second you waste searching for a product in a disorganized drawer is a second longer your appointment will take.  Buy on amazon

2. Bamboo drawer dividers

If plastic containers aren’t for you, or the idea of not finding the perfect-sized containers to fit inside your drawers drives you crazy, these bamboo drawer dividers might be a better option for you. They can be positioned and altered to fit your needs and can easily be removed without really disturbing the contents within. Buy on amazon

3. Rhinestone organizers

If you are like so many other nail techs, obsessed with Swarovski crystals or just nail rhinestones in general this is the perfect addition to your nail salon. You can easily store them by size and color as well as label them for your convenience. Double storage will prevent you from losing precious rhinestones when one of the small containers accidentally opens. Buy on amazon

Not-so obvious storage:

This is especially great if you have a smaller space. Purchasing things like a storge poof or end table is great seeing that it has multiple functions which you can incorporate into your nail salon. These storage pieces work best for things that you don’t use too often but still need nearby when doing nails.

1. Ottoman

An ottoman is absolutely one of the best designs for minimal spaces. It can double as extra seating while providing storage for bulk purchases or things that you don’t often need but still have to keep in your salon. Buy on amazon

2. Small end table with flip top storage

What’s better than having a small end table where your clients can put their drinks or phones down, that has a flip-top that you can use for storage. It provides a subtle storage space that is not as obvious as a visible drawer. Buy on amazon

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