Neon French Smile Line Nail Art

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This video shows how I made a neon French smile line on my own nails with a detailed description of how I did it and what products I used from the start to finish.

Hey everyone and welcome to my channel. 

Today I decided to do my own nails as it was way overdue.

I started filming my right hand, so don’t judge too harshly as I’m right-handed. 

I already filed off the old product and started by filling the shape.

I then went in with my cuticle pusher and pushed back my cuticles.

I then took my e-file with my diamond drill bit and cleaned my nail plate of any dead skin.

After that, I used my medium grit sanding band, at a very low speed to prep the nail plate, 

and get rid of any remaining product.

When done, I used a nail brush with sanitiser to get rid of the majority of dust. 

Then I wiped the nails clean with a lint-free wipe and sanitiser.

I dehydrated my nails using bond it, after which I applied two layers of a 

rubber gel base coat to my nails and cured it in between layers.

then promotes adhesion to the natural nail.

I then wiped each nail with gel residue wipe off solution, 

and started applying the acrylic beginning on my left pinky finger.

I used neon pink, coral, biscuit, neon yellow, neon green and glow purple.

All from planet nails except the yellow.

I used biscuit to create a smile line on my middle and ring fingers. 

I applied neon pink on the rest of my left hand and coral on the same 

fingers of my right hand.

After the acrylic dried I filed the shape of the smile lines 

to get them crisp and perfect.

I then added the front colours of my French nails, 

yellow and green on the left hand and purple and pink on the right.

I then went in with clear acrylic, and capped the solid colours on my pinkies, 

index fingers and thumbs.

After I filed the nails, I cleaned them and used my striping brush and

metallic silver liner gel to outline the smile lines.

After curing the liner gel for 60 seconds, I applied 

the no wipe top coat from planet nails.

And there you have it, the result. I hope you enjoyed the video.

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