Best Pedicure kit for home use

Best Pedicure kit for home use

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Getting the right pedicure kit might be a bit overwhelming, because of the lack of actual kits and the ton of manicure kits available.  Look no further this post goes over the best kits I found and some might go better matched together. It can be easier and more convenient than buying the tools separately, but at a sacrifice to the quality and variety of the tools. If you are looking to build your own pedicure kit check out my post here. A Comprehensive Guide to Pedicure Tools

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What do I need for a home pedicure kit?

There are a few things you will need to do a pedicure at home.

  • Foot file
  • Nail clippers
  • Cuticle nipper
  • Nail file
  • Toe separators
  • Nail brush
  • Cuticle pusher

These pedicure kits don’t include electric nail files, but it is not a necessity. You can check out my take on the best electric nail files for you here.

Basic pedicure kit

Basic/Starter pedicure kit


4.5 rating with over 1,300 reviews on Amazon

This pedicure kit contains 23 tools that can you can use for a lot of different needs. Tools include foot rasp, cuticle pusher, foot clipper, scraper, callus remover, cuticle remover, foot file, nail file, nail and toenail clipper, etc. An ergonomic, small, and lightweight design makes the pedicure tools easy to use. Made from stainless steel it makes it durable and easy to clean

It comes with a free storage box that makes it portable so you can easily take it with you when traveling. Great as a gift or a second manicure kit you can get for traveling. If you want a proper pedicure kit read my post on “A Comprehensive Guide to Pedicure Tools

Please note this kit is great, but I don’t recommend using the callus remover if you don’t have the proper training.

Price $

  • Small and portable
  • All that you need in one kit
  • No electric foot file

Manicure/Pedicure kit


4.6 rating with over 6,600 reviews on Amazon

This is an all-around manicure/pedicure kit that you can use for both. The main problem is that it lacks a foot file so you will have to buy a foot file separately. Consider a pack like the pedicure kit with an electric foot file I mention below.

This can make a great gift if you don’t know what to get someone. The tools are made from quality material and there is an appealing design to them. Or you can get it as a traveling kit you can take with you. Might be better for traveling than the above-mentioned pedicure kit, because of the lack of foot files.

Price $

  • Small and portable
  • Appealing design
  • Quality material
  • Price
  • No foot files

Pedicure kit with electric foot files

Pedicure kit with an electric foot file


4.6 rating with over 1,300 reviews on Amazon

A 13 piece nail pedicure kit. It might not have as many pieces as the above-mentioned set, but it includes an electric foot file. This makes it a great set to get if you already have most pedicure tools and you are looking for an electric foot file with a few extras. Check out my post where I go over the different pedicure tools to create your ultimate kit.

The electric nail file makes it a lot easier to remove dead skin and smooth out your heels. It is also portable and rechargeable, but the battery life is a bit weak with only about 2 hours worth of charge and needs to charge for 2-3 hours. The electric foot file is waterproof, but it is recommended to use it with dry feet, so just dry your feet before using it.

Price $

  • Electric foot file
  • Has most tools for a pedicure
  • Price
  • Limited tools

Electric foot file


4.6 rating with over 4,600 reviews on Amazon

A great electric foot file with replacement stones and foot peels, but that is basically it. The best choice if you are looking for something to take care of your heels. You can consider buying this with a manicure/pedicure kit like what I mentioned above. They will complement each other and you will have everything you need.

Price $$

  • Electric foot file
  • foot peel
  • limited tools

How to use an electric foot file

  1. First make sure the stone is properly secured, then switch it on. Hold it a bit away from you to make sure nothing happens while it is spinning.
  2. Make sure you are sitting in a comfortable and sturdy poison
  3. Slowly bring the spinning electric callus remover to your foot
  4. Don’t apply too much pressure on your foot, let the file do most of the work
  5. Continue to run the file over your heel till you feel it is smooth enough. Don’t use it for too long

Doing your toenails

When you are done taking care of your feet and toenails you might want to put some gel on so they look beautiful. You will need gel polish and I did a post on the best gel nail kits you can buy. Where I avoid kits that include dangerous elements like MMA, it is not just a generic list of gel nail kits I try to give the best gel polish that is eco-friendly and danger-free. Check it out here. Get the best gel nail kit available.

A different option is press-on nails. This is a great alternative to doing your nails, doesn’t matter if it is toe or fingernails. I also did a guide on press-on nails that you can check out. I mention press-on nails for your toes at the bottom of the post. Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Press-On Nails

Why also need a foot soak

A foot soak I would say is essential when doing a pedicure. It loosens the dead skin and makes it a lot easier to remove it. It also helps to remove all the dirt that gets caught underneath your toenails. It can also, with the right foot soak, kill the bacteria and fungi found on your feet that cause them to smell bad.

You will need a high-quality foot spa to do the job. I made a post on the best foot spa you should get that you can check out now. Best Foot Spa To Get Now (Pros & Cons)

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