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Welcome to the nail tech diaries.  My name is Ménique Lloyd. I am a 20 something-year-old, happily married nail technician from South Africa.

I have been in the industry for over four years and started doing acrylic nails full-time in 2019. In this time I have gained extensive knowledge on the subject of being a nail technician and the whole nail world. I improved my work immensely.

The idea of this blog came to me when I saw how many young, new nail technicians there are, that constantly struggle seeing that there are few real, free sources of good, reliable information out there. 

We live in a competitive environment with many amazing nail technicians.  Unfortunately, many of them prefer to keep their knowledge to themselves or to present it for a price. 

This nail blog is a platform with free, reliable, and relatable information.  I hope you find the information supplied usefully and please, don’t be afraid to contact me or comment on a post with questions.

I will help where I can.  We are in this together

Menique Lloyd

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